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Del Mar Walk in Tubs

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Del Mar, California has been mentioned in Time’s magazines “100 greatest beaches in the world”. Independent Home walk in bathtubs will allow you to feel as relaxed as you might be if you are laying on one of those beautiful beaches. A walk in tub can help eliminate your arthritis pain. It also can help reduce stress levels by using the massage features during your tub to relax your body. Once your body is relaxed it will release endorphins that release your tension. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Independent Home has affordable walk in bathtubs for our customers and many models to choose from. The Celebrity Walk in Bathtub can fit in the existing space of your old shower or bathtub. Other features include a wide door opening, 17” chair mount, and an anti-slip floor. Hydrotherapy can be added if you want to enjoy luxurious spa features in your new tub. The Acrylic Deluxe Walk in Bathtub is our bestselling tub. It has features that include 20 air spa jets, a temperature controlled heater, 2 safety grab bars, a slip resistant floor, and much more.

Independent Home will come to your Del Mar, California home and install your walk in tub for you. The installation process includes throwing away your old bathtub, installing safety grab bars, and installing new plumbing. Installation is a one day process and is 100% lifetime guaranteed.

Feel like you are on one of the most beautiful beaches, with a walk in tub in your Del Mar, California home. Contact Independent Home today.



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